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  • WHAT:   Free Live Online Training
  • DATE:   Tues., May 22
  • TIME:   12:00-1:30 pm Eastern 
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Presented by Maryn Boess, GrantsMagic U,

in partnership with the Center for Non-Profits

 ... when you finally push the SUBMIT button and say goodbye to your lovingly-crafted, mission-critical grant proposal as it disappears ... vanishing entirely for weeks, sometimes months, sometimes even forever ... while you wait to find out whether it's going to be funded or not ...

You know that feeling on Deadline Day ... 

That space between "submit" on one side - and "notification" on the other - is what we call The Grantmaker's Black Box.

That’s where all the work goes on for the grantmaking team – the program officer, reviewers, decision-makers. 

That’s where everything happens to decide which proposals are awarded ... and which aren’t.

Yet for those of us on the grantseeking side, what happens inside the Black Box is virtually invisible.

It’s as if our proposal has vanished into an alternate universe … a deep mysterious world we can’t see, can’t influence, can’t even begin to understand.

But what if you could?

What if you could hop inside a real-life Grantmaker’s Black Box and get an up-close look at what goes on there?

What if you had an insider’s view of the in-the-trenches challenges, stresses, surprises, internal timelines, twists and turns the grantmaking team experiences at each step of the way, as they work hard to invest this year’s grant dollars wisely and well?

Would understanding more about the grantmaker’s world make a difference in your own grants work?

Can you imagine how the insights and takeaways from this experience might give you an edge in your own grants success?

In this fast-paced, eye-opening live training, you'll join veteran grants officer Maryn Boess for a unique journey into the heart of the Grantmaker's Black Box as we venture into one grantmaker's funding process.

  • Together we’ll navigate the obstacle course through the 8 typical "Checkpoints" your proposal has to clear on its way from It's Deadline Day to You Got the Grant!

  • We'll eavesdrop on reviewers' behind-the-scenes conversations about what they look at first when they sit down to read their proposals ... what makes them fall in love in 30 seconds flat ... and what makes them really, really grumpy. 

  • You'll put on your Grantmaker's Cap as we pull back the curtain on the final decision-making ... what that process has in common with an audition ... and why, in the end, the points almost never matter. 

During the training you'll get a sneak peek at GrantsMagic U's brand-new all-in-one on-demand grantwriting course, The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint: Your Step-by-Step Roadmap to Crafting An A+ Proposal - Every Time!

(Can't wait? Sneak a super-early peek here - enrollment opens May 22!)

Along the way you’ll experience plenty of surprises, aha!s and hmm’s as Maryn shares story after story about real life inside this particular Grantmaker’s Black Box - and tons of takeaways you can carry home and put to work immediately on behalf of your own nonprofit and community.

Questions? Email us at ... we're here to help!

About GrantsMagic U:

Maryn Boess -- Founder/Presenter

Over her 20+-year career in the nonprofit world, Maryn has been an on-staff program developer and grantwriter; an independent grants consultant; a grants project manager; a grants trainer; a grants reviewer, author, speaker, mentor and coach; and -  for the past 10 years - even a grantmaker. GrantsMagic U, launched in fall 2015,  is the "virtual academy" she created to make her extensive portfolio of practical and inspiring trainings on successful grantsmanship available (and affordable!) for anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

About the Center for Non-Profits:

The Center for Non-Profits is the only umbrella organization for all New Jersey 501(c)(3)s. Since 1982, the Center has provided advocacy, resources, training and information to strengthen non-profits and help them thrive. Visit the Center's website and learn more about how the Center saves non-profits time and money, provides timely resources and training, and promotes and protects the non-profit community.