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Where are you on YOUR Grants Success Path?

"I'm a Capable Grants Practitioner. My experience has given me a sense of how I can and do make a difference. It still feels a bit hit or miss, though. I'm working on building my skills and confidence. Give me new tools and new ways to learn - I would love to do better!"



"I'm a Total Grants Newbie. I have big dreams and want to make a difference. But honestly, I'm a little confused and overwhelmed by grants. I don't know what I don't know, or even where to start. Show me what to do - I'm eager to learn and ready to get going!"


"I'm a Seasoned Grants Pro. I feel good about my place in my my community. I have solid success to draw from and a mindset for making a difference. I'm ready for a deeper commitment and curious what that could look like. Challenge me - I'm up for it!

NEW! - starts Feb. 3! (12-month option with bonuses closes Feb. 10)

GrantsCamp 2020

Your community of grants learning, practice, support and celebration - brand new from GrantsMagic U!

  • What: New subscription membership community
  • When: No sign-up deadline - but enroll now to begin 2020 activities on Feb. 3
  • Your investment: Monthly, six-month, and annual options (with bonuses!). NOTE: 12-month enrollment option closes Feb. 10. 
  • Click for details and to sign up today

GrantsCamp is our brand-new membership community that doubles down on bringing you the best of what you love most from GrantsMagic U - every month. The vision: To connect you with exactly what you need to ramp up your grants skills, confidence, and success big-time in 2020 - not on your own, in isolation - but as part of an authentic, ongoing community of learning, practice, support, and celebration.

BONUS: Look what comes with your 12-month GrantsCamp membership - two incredible grants resources valued at over $300! (NOTE: 12-month option closes Feb. 10.)

  • Your 12-month GrantsCamp membership includes The Ultimate Grants Toolkit (see below) - free! (Value: $149)
  • PLUS you'll get instant access to ALL FIVE of our 5-star video Power-Up courses (see below) - that you (and your team) can watch any time, on your own schedule! (Value: $185)

NEW! - $30 discount ends Feb. 10:

The Ultimate Grants Toolkit:

Essential Worksheets, Blueprints, and Step-by-Step Planning Guides to Help You Build Great Grant-Funded Projects!

  • What: Downloadable book with 90 grants planning worksheets from GrantsMagic U's trainings (including 43 fillable/reusable PDF forms)
  • When: Use coupon by Feb. 10 to save $30!
  • Your investment: $119 with coupon code GMU119 on checkout (reg. $149) - use coupon by Feb. 10!
  • How:  See sample pages and complete details here

Almost 250 pages of GrantsMagic U's nationally acclaimed grants planning and management tools - all collected in one virtual "toolkit," ready for you and your grants team to download, print, and use again ... and again ... and again. 

Your Toolkit contains 90 essential grants planning worksheets and checklists - almost half in fillable PDF form - to help you and your team build and manage great grant-funded projects. PLUS: Lots of how-to-use-them explanations, pointers, and examples; in-depth articles; and more! Check out sample pages and downloadable, fillable forms here.

NOTE: The Ultimate Grants Toolkit comes as a free bonus when you sign up for a 12-month GrantsCamp membership!

UPDATED! - 50% discount ends Feb. 10:

All of our 5-star on-demand Power-Up courses ...

completely updated for 2020 and just $18.50 each through Feb. 10!

  • What: Our entire line-up of $37 Power-Up video courses is completely updated for 2020 - new video recordings, new workbooks, new add-on resources.
  • When: Use coupon POWER-UP by Feb. 10 to save 50%!
  • Your investment: $18.50 per course with coupon code POWER-UP on checkout (reg. $37) - use coupon by Feb. 10!
  • How:  Click here to see course details and to enroll in the courses of your choice.

Use coupon code POWER-UP by Feb. 10 to save 50% on any or all of these courses - and watch any time:

Have you already enrolled in any of these titles? Got you covered! Just log into your GrantsMagic U account and you'll find all the updated and new course materials already waiting for you.

NEW! - and free (during construction):

The Grants Newbie Success School:

Training, Tips, Tools, and More to Get You Started on Your Grants Success Path!

  • What: Online, when-you-want-them video guides for the Total Grants Newbie
  • When: Watch any time!
  • Your investment: Free for you and your team (at least while it's under construction)
  • How:  Sign up here and come on in!

Hey there, Grants Newbie - I see you! And I know you have a ton of questions about what it takes to get off to a good start in the GrantsWorld wilderness. Got you covered!

The big vision for Grants Newbie Success School will unfold through 2020 and it's definitely a work in progress. But we're front-loading with three super-powerful video trainings adapted from recent Facebook live broadcasts - more than enough to get you under way on your Grants Success Path journey!

  • Part 1: The Total Grants Newbie Success Path
  • Part 2: What Does "Grants Success" Look Like? - A (Loving) Reality Check
  • Part 3: The Two Big Newbie Questions: Where Do I Even Start? and Where Do I Go to Find Grants?

Our monthly "GrantsNewbie Q&A" Facebook Live broadcast is back!  Join me (Maryn) on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for an hour or so of training, coaching, and Q&A specially for everyone just starting out on the Grants Success Path. 

  • What: GrantsNewbie live Q&A
  • When: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9 am Pacific
  • Where: The GrantsMagic U Facebook group (open to GrantsMagic U members only; ask to join!)

UPDATED! - and always free:

The Quick-Start Guide to the One-Page Grant Proposal:

10 "Magic Wand" Questions to Transform Your Good Ideas ... into Grant Proposals that Get Funded!

Learn about the exact "Magic Wand" planning template that grants newbies used to get their very first grants ... of $2,000, $30,000, $144,000 ... and even more! 

Our "Magic Wand" master course is always free and completely updated for 2020! New video, updated workbook and planning tools, new "Mind-Mapping" bonus packet, fill-in-the-blanks worksheets and more. 

If you haven't taken this free on-demand video training yet - make sure you do. (And if it's been a while, you might want to come back for a refresher!)


A sneak peek at what else is in the works at GrantsMagic U

  • Our 5-star on-your-own-schedule all-in-one grants success course opens for enrollment Feb. 18, with the 10-week course beginning March 16. 
  • Find the pre-enrollment details here - you can even join the wait list!  
  • As a GrantsMagic U community member you'll be the first to hear when enrollment opens - and you'll score a super members-only discount, too!

The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint - Spring 2020:

5 all-new GrantsMagic U Power-Up video courses coming soon!

Five new Power-Up video courses are in the works and slated for release in Spring 2020. Check out early details at the GrantsMagic U school page. As a GrantsMagic U community member you'll be the first to hear when they're open for enrollment:

  • Growing Your Grants Readiness: The Culture and Practices of Successful Grantseeking Organizations
  • Grants Research - with a Twist! - Going Beyond Mission Match to Connect with More "Sweet-Spot" Funders
  • The Mission-Centered Grants Professional: Connecting with the Power of Your Passion and Purpose
  • Your Grants Success Path: 10 Steps to Get You Where You Want to Go - No Matter Where You Are Right Now!
  • Planning for Success: A Powerful Process for All Your Organizational Planning - Grant Funding, Strategic Planning, and More!



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