Partner with GrantsMagic U 

to offer great grants training 

to your nonprofits (everybody wins!)

GrantsMagic U Affiliates Program:

Want to provide great grants training for the nonprofits you serve?

Let us do the heavy lifting - and help you deliver amazing value!

Join our growing Affiliates network - You'll get a full, robust, turn-key affiliate program for online grants learning - with a generous 40% revenue share

Our affiliate program is designed with one goal in mind: 

To make it easy for nonprofit membership associations like yours to deliver the great grants training your nonprofits want and need - and to support your member service goals - with a generous revenue share!

(Don't you just love it when everyone wins?)

GrantsMagic U is proud to have partnered with the following nonprofit membership associations to bring great grants training to nonprofits nationwide. We're looking to grow our Affiliates network in 2020 - please consider joining us!

  • AZ: Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits 
  • ID:  Idaho Nonprofit Center
  • KS:  Kansas Nonprofit Centre
  • KY:  Kentucky Nonprofit Network
  • MA: Providers' Council (MA)
  • ME:  Maine Association of Nonprofits
  • MI: Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • MT:  Montana Nonprofit Association
  • NJ:  Center for Non-Profits (NJ)
  • OR:  Nonprofit Association of Oregon
  • PA:  Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations
  • TX:  Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations
  • WA (southwest):  Nonprofit Network of Southwest Washington
  • WA (statewide):  Washington Nonprofits

A growing number of grantmaking organizations have also chosen to partner with GrantsMagic U to bring our grants-success training to the nonprofit communities they serve - including:

  • Advocate Bethany Community Health Fund (Chicago, IL)
  • Barbara Emily Knudsen Charitable Foundation (Portland, OR)
  • Community Foundation of North-Central Washington (Wenatchee, WA)
  • Community Foundation of Snohomish County (Everett, WA)
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HRSA - Region 10 Office

1. Our Partnering Affiliates

Most of our courses are short-form video-based trainings that people can sign up for and take any time.

Our signature course is different. This on-demand course is called The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint: Your Step-by-Step Roadmap for Crafting an A+ Proposal - Every Time. This course runs about 16 hours total video-viewing time and is released in 8 weekly modules. Enrollment for each round of the "Blueprint" course opens for a limited time only, and students who enroll move through at their own pace as a loosely organized "cohort."

  • Our nonprofit membership association partners (Affiliates) work with us to do a full launch of the "Blueprint" course two or three times a year. 

  • As an Affiliate, your role is to get the word out to the nonprofits you serve. 

  • GrantsMagic U's job is to take care of absolutely everything else.  That includes developing the curriculum, creating and managing the registration process, producing the materials, managing and maintaining the online course delivery site, and all instructional and administrative contact with the students.

  • In exchange for your outreach and marketing, you receive 40% of the registration fees related to the nonprofits in your community.

3. How It Works: The Basics

4. Everybody Wins!

Our affiliate program is designed with one goal in mind: To make it easy for nonprofit membership associations like yours to deliver the great grants training your nonprofits want and need - and support your member service goals.  We love it when everybody wins! Here's a quick overview of how the GrantsMagic U affiliate program delivers a win for you and the nonprofits you serve. (More details in the text that follows.)


  • Proven high-value, how-to training on a high-demand topic
  • Training available on-demand, at the student's own pace and on the student's own schedule
  • Perfect for complete grants rookies as well as seasoned vets
  • Three built-in live Q&A "office calls" to support the student's learning experience - plus plenty of real-time support
  • Automatic membership in GrantsMagic U community of over 6,000 students worldwide
  • Automatic access to GrantsMagic U members-only Facebook group
  • 16 hours of recorded training plus built-in support for very affordable price of $297
  • Members of partnering nonprofit associations save $100 - enrolling for just $197
  • PLUS: With our exclusive "Train Your Team" special, every paid enrollment qualifies for two additional team-member enrollments at no additional cost!


  • Proven high-value, how-to training on a topic your nonprofits are always asking for
  • Customized ready-for-you program makes it super-easy for you to deliver a great training experience
  • Branded registration and information web pages keep your association's name and logo front and center for the nonprofits you serve
  • Special members-only discounted price highlights the value of membership in your association (and encourages people to become members if they aren't already!)
  • GrantsMagic U takes care of literally everything except the marketing. You don't have to worry about registrations, billing, customer support, or any management or administrative issues
  • You receive a generous 40% share of all revenues from affiliate registrations - which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in unrestricted funds for your association!

5. Schedule for 2020

The 10-week Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint course will launch two times in 2020. As an Affiliate, you can take part in one or both - whichever best fits your calendar.

We also host one "public webinar" during each quarter. These offer a great opportunity to introduce GrantsMagic U's unique brand of grants training to new communities of nonprofits, and we expect our affiliates to take part in promoting these events as well.

Here is the 2020 promotional and event schedule:

  • Jan. 1-22:  Promotion for Public Webinar #1   |   Event date: Jan. 22

  • Feb. 18-Mar. 20:  Promotion for "Blueprint" Spring 2020   |   Course runs Feb. 18-May 18

  • Apr. 7-29:  Promotion for Public Webinar #2   |   Event date: Apr. 29

  • June 30-July 21:  Promotion for Public Webinar #3   |   Event date: July 22

  • Aug. 17-Sept. 16:  Promotion for "Blueprint" Fall 2020   |   Course runs Sept. 14-Nov. 16

  • Sept. 29-Oct. 22:  Promotion for Public Webinar #4   |   Event date: Oct. 22

The Affiliate's primary role is to take the lead in marketing/outreach to nonprofits in its service territory (both members and non-members).

Affiliate Agreement and Account Setup. On signing our Affiliate Agreement, GrantsMagic U will set up an Affiliate Account for you, through the GrantsMagic U online course delivery platform. You will receive instructions for accessing this account and will be free to access it at any time. 

Unique Tracking Link. As an Affiliate, your organization will be assigned a unique URL to use in all marketing communications about the course. This is the URL that all of your contacts will use to register for the course.  When one of your contacts uses the unique URL to register and pay for the course, their payment is entered automatically on your Affiliate Account and the agreed-upon Affiliate fee is calculated and recorded.

Branded Information Pages. As an Affiliate, you will have customized information and registration web pages that are uniquely co-branded with your nonprofit association. This means that, right up until they enroll in the paid course, your nonprofit contacts will associate your organization with the great training they are receiving. 

Member Discount Codes. You will also receive a special discount code to be shared with your members, which automatically gives them a $100 discount on their registration fee. We will create a customized "how-to" page that tells your nonprofit contacts exactly how to get and use this special members-only code. (We also build in an upsell to encourage people to become members if they aren't already!)

Affiliate Activity Reports. Once the course is complete we'll send you a detailed report of all the activity in your "affiliate account." This includes a list of names, emails, and organizations of all enrollees in the course that came in through your association; whether they were paid or free team members; and whether they used the members-only discount code to enroll. (We can also run special reports on request at any time!)

6. The Affiliate Process - More Detail (and Examples)

7. Member Discount Supports Member Value!

We love to support your membership growth! That's why we've created a simple "members-only discount" process that affirms the value of membership in your association - and encourages enrollees to become members if they aren't already!

As an Affiliate, you'll be assigned a unique "members-only" coupon code that your members can enter when they sign up, to save $100 off their enrollment. 

  • $297 Affiliate price, non-member. This is the price an enrollee pays who is using an Affiliate link to register but who is not registering as a member of the Affiliate.

  • $197 Affiliate price, members only. This is the price someone pays who is a member of the Affiliate, uses the Affiliate link to register, and enters a custom "member coupon” code on registration.

We help you promote this members-only $100 discount as a great value for your members. 

We also work with you to set up access to the members-only discount code in the way that best fits your own member-benefit goals and practices. 

Finally, the language we use encourages people who aren't already members to become members before enrolling - so they can take advantage of the $100 saving!

8. Generous Revenue Share - 40%!

Whatever the price paid, the Affiliate receives 40% of all revenues from registrations made through the Affiliate link. Payment is processed and sent 30 days after the release of the 8th and final course session.

Revenue share is unrestricted income to your association - and it really adds up. For our Summer 2019 series, the total shared out to our affiliate partners came to almost $8,000 - including one affiliate who earned $2,246.40. 

And the good news is, the amount you receive as your affiliate revenue share is directly correlated with the effort, energy, and enthusiasm your organization invests in getting the word out to your community about GrantsMagic U's "Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint" course!

9. Questions?? Just Ask!

(602) 882-3025