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GrantsCamp 2020:

Now open - ... Your community of grants learning, practice, support, and celebration - brand new from GrantsMagic U!

Hey there! 

Do you have big goals for your grants success in 2020?

(Of course you do.)

Guess what: 

Your grants success matters to the world.

Getting there doesn't need to be so crazy-making.

And you don't need to go it alone!

Double down ...

Level up ...

Play big ...

Have fun!

GrantsCamp is a whole new way to build your skills and confidence in navigating your Grants Success path, wherever you are right now - as part of an engaged community of learning, practice, support, and celebration

Hi, Maryn Boess here, with GrantsMagic U  - coming to you from in front of my infamous Very Messy Mind-Map Wall ...

I've got an invitation for you - can you tell I'm excited?!?

Now, there's a whole new way GrantsMagic U can support you in growing your grants success.

It's called GrantsCamp 2020. 

And it's not a course - it's a community.

What would ramp up YOUR Grants Success in 2020? Spot-on training? Laser-clear coaching? A like-minded community?

GrantsCamp is a brand-new membership community that doubles down on bringing you the best of what you love most from GrantsMagic U - every month.

The vision: To connect you with exactly what you need to ramp up your grants skills, confidence, and success big-time in 2020 - not on your own, in isolation - but as part of an authentic, ongoing community of learning, practice, support and celebration. 

That means:

GREAT CONTENT: As a GrantsCamper, each month you'll get exclusive GrantsMagic U content, activities, and resources to hone your grants skills, boost your confidence, build your grants toolkit, organize your work, lead your team - and keep you moving forward on your Grants Success Path!

GREAT COMMUNITY: You'll be part of an active, engaged, warm, supportive community of like-minded people who come together to learn together ... to practice together ... to empower each other ... to challenge each other ... to celebrate ... and (of course) to have a ton of fun!

GREAT COACHING: And I'll be right there with you, every step of the way ... with my unique (quirky? enthusiastic? magical?) style of coaching, encouragement, and support, to help you with your in-the-trenches grants issues and challenges - and keep you on track for success!

Where are you on your Grants Success Path? - And how can GrantsCamp 2020 help you move to the next level?



"I'm a Total Grants Newbie. I have big dreams and want to make a difference, but honestly, I'm a little confused and overwhelmed by grants. I don't know what I don't know, or even where to start. Show me what to do - I'm eager to learn and ready to get going!"

For years, I had been searching for something like GrantsCamp. I am a grants newbie and had been looking for a way to gain experience applying for grants for my (soon-to-be!) non-profit. It's hard to come into a group of experienced grantmakers and writers and ask for help for the things that you "don't even know you don't know". But I do know this ... I believe that GrantsCamp, led by the indomitable Maryn and full of people from all across the spectrum, from grants masters to newbies like myself, is going to make me more knowledgeable about the grants world and help me put what I learn into practice. It's time to pack up my camping gear for a trek into these yet-unexplored woods on a new adventure with like-minded friends!

Christine Pearson Ishii


Kids 2 Kids Change the World

Kyushu, Japan



"I'm a Capable Grants Practitioner. My experience has given me a sense of how I can and do make a difference. It still feels a bit hit or miss though. I'm working on building my skills and confidence. Give me new tools and new ways to learn - I would love to do better!"

Jeffrey Baytarian

Director, Funder Relations  

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan  

Detroit, MI

I have worked in the fundraising field for 22 years, with the last nine years focused on grant writing. I am always looking for ways to increase my skills. I was hooked when I took (GrantsMagic U's) The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint course in 2016. This was what I was looking for. I learned valuable information from the unique perspective that Maryn provides, as she shared her personal knowledge from the grantmaker’s point of view. I also learn something new whenever I participate in one of Maryn’s webinars. I look forward to moving to the next level as part of the GrantsCamp community.  



 "I'm a Seasoned Grant Pro. I feel good about my place in my nonprofit and my community. I have solid success to draw from and a mindset for making a difference. I'm ready for a deeper commitment and curious what that would look like. Challenge me - I'm up for it!

I joined Grants Magic U at its very inception, about four years ago. ... All these years later and GrantsMagic U is still amazing fun and a community full of heart. I’m wildly anticipating GrantsCamp. Hanging around the “campfire” with other grant writers from across the country and around the world, making our proposals sing, is my idea of a good time. I’ve been writing grants since 1984 and I’m still gratified by planning new projects with my nonprofit team and winning funding that drastically improves lives in my community. ... [A]s part of the GrantsCamp community I’ll be bringing my full camp spirit as it unfolds. I trust others will, too. S’mores, anyone?

Barbara Gorzinski

Grants Manager 

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of Seattle/King County 

Seattle, WA

We come together to learn together ...

to practice together ... to empower each other ...

to support each other ... to celebrate ...

and (of course!) to have a ton of fun!

The GrantsCamp Vision:

Monthly themes will keep you on track on your Grants Success Path ...

Each month, our GrantsCamp activities and resources will focus on one of the essential stages of your Grants Success Path. 

Here's what that looks like for the first half of 2020:

  • GET READY: Frameworks and Foundations
  • GET CLEAR: Mission-First / Prioritizing
  • GET TOGETHER: The Power and Practice of Collaborating
  • GET BUILDING: Project Planning
  • GET CONNECTED: Funder Research and Relationships
  • GET IT OUT THE DOOR AND INTO THE FINALS: Crafting the A+ Grant Proposal
  • GET FEEDBACK and GET BETTER: Learning and Growing

Exclusive tools, trainings, and group activities will keep you engaged and moving forward ...

Every week you'll receive a new theme-related tool or training or have the opportunity to join a community or coaching activity. 

  • Everything is completely optional - you can take part in as many or as few resources as you choose. 
  • And absolutely everything will be recorded and archived in the GrantsCamp members area, where you can access any tool or resource or recording at any time, as often as you like. 

Here's what your monthly GrantsCamp activities look like:

WEEK 1: 


 You'll get a quick email that introduces this month's Grants Success Path theme, tells you exactly what we'll be doing, gives you some questions to think about, and suggests ways to put what we're covering this month to work in your real-life setting. 



In Week 2 you'll receive one of GrantsMagic U's exclusive planning tools and worksheets - straight from our brand-new Ultimate Grants Toolkit! Each worksheet is a fillable PDF file you can use again and again - with a quick video tutorial on how to put this tool to work, right away!



This week you'll get access to one of our signature video trainings, of 45-90 minutes each, connected with our monthly theme. Many of these will be new and exclusively available to GrantsCampers! These are recorded sessions that you'll be able to watch any time, on your own schedule. 



This is our week for group exercises and activities to deepen and clarify our work around the monthly theme. EXAMPLES: Mock proposal review exercise; feedback on works in progress; group mind-mapping; laser coaching; open Q&A, and more!



In March and June we have a "bonus" week. We'll use this time to check in, catch up, and focus on putting what we've been working on into practice in our real-world settings. Get-It-Done Week features an extra level of goalsetting, accountability, and digging in to ... well ... Get It Done! 

THROUGH FEB. 10 ONLY: Two valuable bonuses - free with your 12-month membership! 

LIMITED-TIME BONUSES: Look what comes with your 12-month GrantsCamp membership: Two exclusive grants resources valued at over $300! (NOTE: 12-month option available through Feb. 10 only.)

BONUS #1 (value $149):

Your 12-month GrantsCamp membership includes The Ultimate Grants Toolkit - our brand-new downloadable collection of fillable grants planning tools - free! (Value: $149 - see details and samples here)

Brand new from GrantsMagic U: 90 (yes, 90!) of GrantsMagic U's nationally acclaimed grants planning and management tools - including 43 in fillable PDF form - all collected in a 243-page downloadable "toolkit," to help you build great grant-funded projects. PLUS: Lots of how-to-use-them explanations, pointers, and examples; in-depth articles, and more.

BONUS #2 (value $185):

Did you know ... your GrantsCamp membership earns you continuing-education credits with CFRE and GPCI!

GrantsMagic U is an approved provider of continuing-education and recertification credits for the Certified Fund Raising Executive and Grant Professional Certification credentialing processes.

Every 1.0 hour of participation in a recorded or live GrantsCamp activity can be submitted for approval for 1 GPC or CFRE credit. 

GrantsCamp 2020 starts Monday, Feb. 3 - are you in?

Choose your GrantsCamp membership now - our first monthly GrantsCamp adventure starts Monday, Feb. 3!

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