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10 Steps to Get You Where You Want to Go  ... No Matter Where You Are Right Now!

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Wed., July 22

   10-11:30 am PDT  |  11 M  |  12 C  |  1 E

"I'm a Capable Grants Practitioner. My experience has given me a sense of how I can and do make a difference. It still feels a bit hit or miss, though. I'm working on building my skills and confidence. Give me new tools and new ways to learn - I want to do better!"

Where are you on YOUR Grants Success Path?



"I'm a Total Grants Newbie. I have big dreams and want to make a difference. But honestly, I'm a little confused and overwhelmed by grants. I don't know what I don't know, or even where to start. Show me what to do - I'm eager to learn and ready to get going!"


"I'm a Seasoned Grants Pro. I feel good about my place in the community. I have solid success to draw from and a mindset for making a difference. I'm ready for a deeper commitment and curious what that could look like. Challenge me - I'm up for it!

Getting to your next level of grants success shouldn't be confusing. You can do it - here's how!

Wherever you are right now, this live online masterclass is for you! Join me (Maryn) for this fast-paced, high flyover of GrantsMagic U's unique Grants Success Path - the powerful 10-step roadmap that cuts through the confusion to lead you reliably through the bewildering "grants wilderness" to your next level of grants success.

Then stick around for Q&A ... plus exciting news about how GrantsMagic U can help you make sense of the grants wilderness - and navigate it with skill and confidence.

Come on live if you can - we always have must-be-present surprises and bonuses!  Can't make it live? No worries - you'll get a replay within 24 hours.

During our Grants Success Path masterclass you'll get a preview of  GrantsMagic U's five-star, all-in-one video-based grantwriting course, The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint: Your Step-by-Step Roadmap to Crafting An A+ Proposal - Every Time!  

The on-your-schedule 10-week course starts Aug. 24, and enrollment opens July 22 - CLICK HERE for early information and to join our wait list!

Coming up: The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint (starts Aug. 24!)

Presented by Maryn Boess, long-time grant professional, veteran grantmaking program officer, and founder/chief magic-maker of GrantsMagic U

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